August 1, 2019

The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast Shrewsbury Flower Show/CAMRA Special

This is an episode featuring an interview with Shrewsbury Flower Show organisers Amanda and Helen. We talk about what people have got to look forward to with this year's show, a little bit about The Flower Show and its origin. [This audio is quiet turn volume up]

The second half of this episode is an interview with CAMRA representative Norrie who has helped plan this year's CAMRA Beer Festival at St Marys church in town. We discuss CAMRA, who they are and what they stand for. We also chat about the festival's "window beers" and how they are helping the church replace its broken stain-glass window. [this audio is loud turn volume down a smidgen]

Thank you to everyone for their continued support with The Biscuit as well as your patience in waiting for this episode, as it is a few days late!

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