2 Years ago and event came to Shrewsbury that blew up in a Krazy big way. What was then called Shrewsbury Wacky Races was such a well received event that it went on to win The Best New Event of the Year by NOEA. The event attracted around 17,000 people to The Quarry and raised over £20,000 for a variety of charities.

Then Covid happened...

AL is joined by event organiser Sarah Belcher and head of marketing Danny Phillips to discuss what it was like to create such a dynamite event, to not be able to replicate it the years after. Sarah describes her thoughts and feeling on this.

Well folks, this year the now named Krazy Races is back, in a big, bad way. We have a podcast exclusive information about how you can put a team together, pick up merch and most importantly when it is.

We also discuss the expansion of Krazy Races to different towns, the variety of events that Sarah and Danny are building and the process that goes into making these things happen.

Thanks Sarah & Danny for this, special mention goes to Rhea Alton for the introduction. We shall see you all hopefully at the event when it happens - AL

Recorded at Shrewsbury Abbey, Alex Whiteley speaks to Nigel and Isla about the exciting conclusion to an 18 month restoration for the Organ "Hillie" that is 110 years in the making.

When I think of a church organ, I think of a piano looking instrument that is surrounded by big tubes. That was my basic and only understanding.
That was before this day, when I was invited INSIDE "Hillie" the organ. Once I understood the complexity of an instrument, that is the moment I realised the enormity of the task of rebuilding "Hillie"

Nigel talks about the history of the organ and how it ended up spending 110 years unfinished. After 18 months, hard work and quarter of a million pounds "Hillie" sounds better than ever.

Isla tells us about some of the projects that they have planned at the Abbey that will utilise the fresh sounding organ including a live play along to the 1922 movie Nosferatu on the 16th October. Check the Shrewsbury Abbey website to find out all the details https://www.shrewsburyabbey.com/

When is the last time you visited The Soldiers Of Shropshire Museum situated inside Shrewsbury Castle? The museum holds one of the finest military collections in the country, with some very important and even controversial pieces that are definite conversation starters.

During this interview, coming from the Mayor's Parlour inside the Castle, AL speaks to Collections Assistant, Lauren and Director, Richard. We find out  about the lessons that have been learned throughout the pandemic and how modern technology has been helping to keep people connected. Not only that, bringing things up to date with technology has created some exciting prospects for the future.

This episode offers a great insight into the inner workings of a museum. What challenges are faced with bringing people in? How are things kept fresh? What items brought in, have excited Lauren and Richard the most? and are there ways in which you can help?

Take a listen, share the episode if you enjoyed it and get out for a full day at Soldiers Of Shropshire Museum as we discover, you really can have the perfect day out if you plan it properly.

Here is Part Two of our coverage of Shrewsbury Food Festival. AL walked the whole festival for 2 days gathering interviews with some of the fine people you are about to hear. There are too many to name but the podcast features interviews with:

Emma Glyn (Shropshire Distillery)
Darren Atkins (Gindifferent)
Lajina Leal (Lajina Masala)
Stu Woodings and his BarBus
Kay Gunner (Lavender Hampers)
Graham Goodwin (Shrewsbury Prison)
Jean Christophe Novelli (TV Chef) and many, many more!

This is a long, but great episode that encapsulates Shrewsbury Food Festival and the atmosphere presented during the weekend. 

Here is part one of our coverage of Shrewsbury Food Festival. AL, armed with a mic, Caz armed with a camera and Timmy armed with youthful joy, the guys set off to speak to as many people as possible.

The good feels of the festival can be heard through this episode. Gosh it felt good to get out!

This episode includes the voices of:

High Impact
Sam Way (Harper Adams)
Julia Dean Richards
Brendan Hawthorne (Poet)
Cheer Unleashed
Katy Rink (My Shrewsbury)
Panic Circus
Caroline Bailey (Hunkington House) 
& Paul Shuttleworth (BBC Radio Shropshire)

What a day....Part two to come.

AL sits down with the wonderful Kerry Jones from Bloom Studios for a relaxed chat about what has been a very turbulent couple of years. Many have suffered, some more than most. The residents in Coleham have endured terrible flooding repeatedly, that on top of Covid makes for just...misery.

We discuss the strength and resilience shown by the Coleham community.

Kerry is such a positive person, despite all of this. The video of the water engulfing her stunning studio was seen by so many nearly 2 years ago, yet Kerry keeps smiling.

In this podcast we find out about the great work that Kerry has been doing to adapt, so as to keep inspiring the minds of so many budding young artists both locally and internationally.

Also AL delves into his adoration for the "Kallax", the undisputed champion of storage. Second only to its predecessor the "Billy" 

Kerry is such an amazing ambassador for creativity in this town. I am always left feeling inspired whenever I speak to her. If you have a young one that loves art and you'd like to nurture their licence for creativity you must pay Kerry a visit at Bloom Studios.  

Dan Thornhill (or as he is affectionately known as by many, "Green Day Dan") joins AL for a chat. In the first ever "in person" interview at AL's new place we find out all about this local budding musician.

Dan's band "Someone Else" actually supplied the music for the first few episodes of the Shrewsbury Biscuit in the beginning of this thing we do, fun fact for you.

Dan's Dad is a very well know Country singer, part of The Thornhills, this is important to this interview. 

Dan, being a huge fan of and producer of Pop-Punk music for many years. However, he has decided to try his hand at making his own country music.
Starting with his 1st album "Time To Hit The Road" a collection of beloved country classics performed by Dan.

The guys discuss Dan's love for music, his massive music collection, what lockdown brought and how his passion for Green Day began. This is all about taking a walk inside the head of a creator, musician and artist. there is nothing better than trying to understand how someone ticks the way they do.

Please show Dan some support, subscribe to his YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/DanThornhillMusic and maybe buy a CD off him. Search for Dan Thornhill Music on Facebook to find out more.

Shrewsbury Folk Festival was back with a bang this year and Alex Whiteley had the privilege of walking around with a mic for the day. The aim was to try and sample the festival via a podcast. AL got so many great interviews with so many amazing people we feel he didn't do too bad at all.

A huge thank you to everyone who spoke to AL on the day. This episode features:

- Iron Men Severn Gilders
- The guys from "The Rig"
- Organised KAOS
- Jim Hawkins
- Willow Station
- Mike West (Truck Stop Honeymoon)
- James Warman
and many festival goers that stopped and spoke to AL for a short while. You guys are all amazing thank you!

A huge thank you to the organisers for letting us come along, Jo Cunningham for letting me interview you for the Festival Preview and finally, my family. Timmy you were a fantastic Mini-Biscuit (as always) and my wife Carolina, you did an amazing job as our photographer that weekend, thank you! - AL 

AL chats to Beth Heath from Shropshire Festivals to find out everything we need to know about Shrewsbury Food Festival 2021.

Last year, everything was cancelled, it was awful. Apart from a good little bit of respite for us locals brought by Beth & the team at Shropshire Festivals, when they thought of the Drive-in festivals last summer. 

What we really need though is a full scale party featuring top chefs, great food, fantastic drinks and lots for the kids to do, this is where Shrewsbury Food Festival comes in, because it's back baby!

There is a sense of excitement in the air as we wind up to what is set to be something very special indeed. Beth says it should be the Food Festival that we all know and love, but this is exactly what everyone needs to blow off the cobwebs after that last 18 months right?!

What can we all expect to see this year? How has Covid affected things this year and why are you likely to find Beth hanging around the toilets? ;-)

Coming to you from Daily Brews in Shrewsbury, AL is speaking to the lovely Cherie Jerrard.

Cherie is a local artist who you may have seen painting a giant tiger onto on of the BT boxes in Shrewsbury. Having spoken to Cherie for only a short period of time at DRAWN Illustrators fair, it was easy to see that there was more to Cherie, so here we are.

Cherie talks us through her career and the path she took to become the artist we all know and love today. Including a few of Cherie's claims to fame!

I have a couple of thank you's for this episode. Thank you Daily Brews for letting us use your perfect coffee shop to record in. Pearl, I felt so awful recording with your Mum, while you sat there, so thank you for your patience, we will mic you up next time. Cherie, thank you for this wonderful episode it sounds perfect! - AL

Join Alex Whiteley as he speaks to Jo Cunningham about Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2021.
The last time AL and Jo spoke was in 2019 which seems like a lifetime ago!

We don't need to go into detail about what the pandemic did to festivals last year, it was awful. Shrewsbury is in what seems to be a unique position, this local and extremely popular event has had the greenlight whereas so many other events across the country did not.

But what has the pandemic done to the planning process when it comes to building a huge festival like Shrewsbury Folk Festival? Jo assures AL that there has been plenty of work done to make sure people can be as safe as they want to be.

Jo talks us though some of the music acts that are attending the festival. The line-up looks exciting despite the inability to bring in acts internationally. 

The festival runs from the 27th - 30th August and there are tickets left so if you plan on attending go to https://shrewsburyfolkfestival.co.uk/ and get your tickets now!

Shane speaks with Luke Allen, Alex Yousefi and the rest of the Reduced to Clear team, on a live show to bring this amazing limited series to a close, meet the team, and look back over the last 10 episodes.

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