August 19, 2019

The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast Episode 38 Ft Rainer Hoess

Simon Bell is a local author and a Biscuit favourite (episode 1) and he asked me if I wanted to speak to Rainer Hoess, the Grandson of Auschwitz commandant Rudolph Hoess. Of course I snapped at the chance and boy am I grateful for this opportunity.

Rainer has an amazing story of the bravery that is needed to want to make a difference to the world. A bravery that separated him from his family and took him on an amazing journey to find ways to fight against the rhetoric of hate. The complete opposite of what his Grandfather did. This rally is one of the most rewarding interviews I've done and I am so grateful to Simon and Rainer for doing this with me.

Rainer and Simon created Footsteps a page designed to offer support and comfort to anyone that was effected by the Holocaust. After listening to this episode please check out their site and give them a follow on Facebook, its heroes like these guys that deserve plenty of support.

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