June 26, 2020

The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast: Dave and Rose Courteen

AL got the chance to have a really good chat with Dave Courteen and his daughter Rose.

 Dave has a fantastic story and he talks about his journey with his company Mosaic. How it all started for him and how he moulded it over the years which has lead him to being a huge part of dozens of Health and Spa Clubs including The Shrewsbury Club. Of course things have been challenging for Dave and everyone else working in the clubs as everything just stopped with the lockdown. AL finds out how Dave has adapted to things and the lessons that he has learned throughout.

Rose is a fellow podcaster, she has a fantastic show called Talking Teenage Life and AL does what he does with all podcasters. He ran Rose through "The Gauntlet" testing Rose's abilities on the mic. It's a lot of fun, find out how she does!

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