July 13, 2020

The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast: Brendan James

AL and Shane sit down and get to know Brendan James. Many of you will know of Brendan from his popular vlog that has taken Shrewsbury by storm recently. The vlog of him walking through Shrewsbury in the height of Covid-19 to test social distancing safety was a huge hit and that's where he caught our eye.

We discuss the learning process of starting something like a vlog, the mannerisms that one has to train themselves out of and the lessons learned. Mostly, we find out where Brendan got his creative streak from, what he got up to before and what he has planned for the near future. The seed may have been planted for us to do a Brendan James/Biscuit Vlog in the future too, but we will see as AL tends to become Captain Awkward when cameras are involved....watch this space!

Brendan's Vlog is cracking and we encourage people who haven't yet, to check it out, the link is here :- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6oxePsoLa0FMCQXFgdc14w

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