July 12, 2019

Comics Salopia Podcast Ft Chip Kidd (conf)

The world famous Chip Kidd is interviewed by the amazing Leonard Sultana (An Englishman in San Diego).

This interview is so charming and it was such an honour to be there. When I looked around the room during the talk everyone was just in awe of Chip. Anyone that is aspiring to go out there and make something, should listen to this interview.

We discover the history of Chip Kidd, how it all began. Chip's first ever Batman story and where that came from. (which is fascinating by the way) We also find out lots of inside knowledge about his work on the Watchmen book, which includes a bit of design info that even blew Chip's mind!

Chip is funny, charismatic and eager to share his wisdom and everyone can take something from this. I love it and hopefully so will you!

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