The one thing people have been asking for is an episode about Alex and the story behind The Shrewsbury Biscuit. So Shane, Deedee and special guest Tom Bruno (who is a long time co-host of AL's, from America) all sit down and interview Alex as a guest!

This episode has been a long time coming so Shane, Dee and Tom make the most out of the occasion by discussing where the idea for The Biscuit came from, the process behind building a team and the hard work that goes into making the show.


Find out from the very beginning what inspired AL to do what he does and his thoughts on how things have gone and where he thinks the show his heading.


"Writing about myself in the third person is hard, listening to an episode about me is also hard but we have been asked by so many people to do this that it had to happen at some point. I just hope people don't think this was an ego driven attempt at self praise as it's really not my style" - Alex

Alex speaks to Anna and Scott Bowler from the Shropshire Virtual Show. The 22nd of August will be an amazing day of entertainment that is being put together from participants all over Shropshire that will be accessible online. From celebrity chefs to local music, horse jumping and even a virtual open garden event, this show looks to be a real spectacle.

In a bid to raise money for 5 local charities, The cavalier Centre, Dog Aid, Friends at the Heart of RJAH, The Movement Centre and Shropshire Rural Communities Charity, Shropshire Virtual Show invites everyone to come and join in the fun. Get in some nice food, get in some drinks, invite the family round and make a night of it, enjoying all of this locally sourced entertainment, while offering donations to help too.

An amazing virtual showground has been created where there will be links to the entertainment and virtual stalls so while you're enjoying yourself you can browse local businesses and shop. There might also, maybe be a Shrewsbury Biscuit virtual tent where we are in early talks to possibly run some live coverage of the day (the idea for this was birthed during this episode so watch this space)

How exciting, this county show can be streamed off any device onto any screen so there is an opportunity for folks to really make the most out of it. Make sure you check out the website where all of this will be happening, the link is right here:-

This Crumb is a collection of interviews that were gathered by AL while he was at the Shropshire Drive in Festival's Circus weekend. We wanted to look at this event from the perspective of the people working, the families that were watching and the businesses that offered fantastic services throughout.

AL speaks to the DJ who warmed up the crowds before the main event, Polly's Ice Cream Parlour, Kevin from Zoom Food, a number of family members who had just enjoyed the show, AL finds Jules and our friend Jill who were about to start work on the evening event, Ben Coates from Moogies Media and of course the amazing Beth Heath from Shropshire Festivals.

I mentioned throughout this episode that I do not own the rights to any of the music you may hear in the background. 

Keep an eye out for future Drive-In events and of course news on future festival news by going to the website for Shropshire Festivals -

You may have walked past the guy that hires canoes in The Quarry before, you may have even hired one off him. Well here is his story. Alex speaks to Nigel, a man who has many years of adventure training under his belt. We discuss his years of progressing from learning how to stay alive himself on the waters and then him training others too. What kind of person does it take to be responsible for others while they navigate water on a canoe?  A calm and collected guy, who has plenty of years of experience that's who and we find out a few factors of what it is that makes Nigel that guy.

We discuss the challenges that have been met with the horrendous floods earlier in the year, the continued misery of Covid-19 and now the bounce back, how so many locals found liberation on the Severn by flocking to hire a canoe from Nigel.

Shrewsbury Canoe Hire offers a traditional, yet unique tour of the waters surrounding Attingham Park too, which may not be available just yet but if you pay attention to their social media ( you will be in the loop as to when this fantastic opportunity is available again.

Check out their website too as everything has to be booked through it and after listening to this episode you may be inclined to give it a try:-

AL and Shane sit down and get to know Brendan James. Many of you will know of Brendan from his popular vlog that has taken Shrewsbury by storm recently. The vlog of him walking through Shrewsbury in the height of Covid-19 to test social distancing safety was a huge hit and that's where he caught our eye.

We discuss the learning process of starting something like a vlog, the mannerisms that one has to train themselves out of and the lessons learned. Mostly, we find out where Brendan got his creative streak from, what he got up to before and what he has planned for the near future. The seed may have been planted for us to do a Brendan James/Biscuit Vlog in the future too, but we will see as AL tends to become Captain Awkward when cameras are this space!

Brendan's Vlog is cracking and we encourage people who haven't yet, to check it out, the link is here :-

Alex and Deedee speak to Martha, a photographer with a huge following on social media. Focusing on the niche of equine photography, Martha is a super talented photographer who has a very respectable passion for what she does.

With Dee being a horsey person too, the conversation ignites and we cover a few furlongs in this episode. From how to get a horse to perform for photos, the stereotyping of horse breeds, how Martha started this journey, her thoughts on horse racing ethics and even about the equipment she uses.

Martha is awesome, she was such a fantastic interview and whether you like horses or not, you will take something from this episode. 

AL and Deedee speak to Jessica from Vanitas Tattoo in the Parade. We have been dying to speak to Jessica for a long time but usually she is a busy bee. We find out about Jessica's fantastic journey from Italy to owning her own studio in Shrewsbury. We discuss the pressure behind getting it right when it comes to creating permanent piece of art on someone's body. Something that can very much be taken for granted is the bravery of a tattoo artist.

We say that Jessica is usually a busy bee but obviously due to lock-down the studio has been closed, so we find out what Jessica has been up to in the meantime and her plans when she finally gets the green light to open.

I am so proud of this audio. it was troubled audio with such great content behind it. I had to work some magic to get it sounding like it does. Jessica has such a fantastic story and I'm happy people will be able to hear it - AL

Cat Merrick joins us on The Biscuit again but in person this time. AL and Max find out how Cat has been getting on during Lockdown. We find out how her Yoga classes have been doing and what her plans are for when things loosen up a bit. We also talk about Max's recent Yoga journey and how its helped him in his day to day.

We are mainly here to talk about Cat's other businesses though. As Lockdown conditions seem to be easing up a little, her businesses may help with up-coming plans people may have to make that event special by ordering a bell tent from, The Enchanted Little Bell Tent Company. Find out how to book Yoga classes from her in this episode and please give her Facebook page a follow if you need a Belly Tent:

Since I spoke to Cat the first time, I had been dying to get her into the studio to speak to her again as she has such a positive outlook on life and I feel that's what the world needs right now -AL


Our Mayor Phil Gillam has not had the easiest year in his position, but he still had that charisma and charm that he always seems to have when AL spoke to him this week. When Phil was last fully featured on The Biscuit, he had just become Mayor and he was adjusting to the role.

After what has been an extraordinarily turbulent 2020 we still had so many amazing highlights of Phil's year as Mayor to go over. From his Mayor Making Ceremony, to the launch of Shrewsbury Monopoly at The Prison, to the Flower Show, The Beatles Weekend to now. There hasn't been a moment that Phil has not loved about his year.

We discuss some of the amazing discoveries that The Mayor has made this year, one of which is The Hive (which he has a glowing report for) and AL asks Phil for some advice for the next Mayor in waiting too. We also get some comic-book talk in! :)

Phil you have been hugely supportive of The Biscuit, right from its birth. Its been a huge drive for me, knowing that you knew right from the beginning that we were doing something good here and I will never forget it. Thank you! - AL

Once upon a time Alex set out on a quest to enter a short film competition that he had no right in entering. Not knowing anything about making short films he reached out to Gareth from Rocking Horse. Gareth turned out to be brilliant and helped Alex make a (slightly) less than mediocre film for the competition. Rocking Horse is a media production company based in Oswestry and after 12 months away, they are planning a comeback and are offering their services to help add a bit of glamour to Shropshire businesses.

AL finds out all about Gareth's journey with his company and lessons that he has learned. We also hear a few bits of advice on the do's and don'ts of visually representing your business. Gareth is looking to reignite his passion on a project that he has been working on for years, as well encouraging businesses to get in touch and see how he can help promote their business.

Gareth is the perfect example of how this podcast has helped me strike up good friendships. It was through a mutual friend's suggestion, in my time of need (and stupidity) that we started talking and that is why I love what I do. - AL

AL and Julie welcome the team behind GlouGlou and Iron & Rose to the studio. Firstly we talk with Robin who started Iron & Rose in the Market Hall in Shrewsbury Town. We find out the dynamics behind his business and how passionate he is about wine, no seriously! If you need to buy wine off someone who knows what he is talking about, Robin is your guy.

After the Wine shop, comes the wine bar and that is where GlouGlou came to be. We speak to Jack, the young manager who is full of positive energy, who talks us through his nearly a year at GlouGlou (cruelly pipped by the lock-down)

GlouGlou is due to open after 4th of July weekend and they have some fantastic ideas, one of which has to be tried. An Immersive take-away wine box, featuring wine, locally sourced food that complements it and even a Spotify playlist to accompany it too. "I have already said that GlouGlou can expect me to be there to sample a 4D wine tasting experience and some of that Orange Wine that is so popular too!" - Quote from AL

We also ask the question, 'Do you have saved somewhere, that end of the world bottle of wine?'

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