In what is the first Crumb we've released in a while, AL speaks to Michelle who has recently just opened The Vegan Hub in the Parade Shopping centre in Shrewsbury. Again, another business opening post Covid-19 it really is interesting finding out about the hurdles that have to be faced when dealing with a challenge like the lock-down. Michelle seems to be gleaming at the prospect of bringing her business to Shrewsbury regardless.

Being vegan is a way of life, one that not everyone understands and I speak to Michelle about aspects of running a business in world that not even I understand properly. We discuss items that may seem vegan but, actually aren't and steps one could take to becoming vegan themselves.

The Vegan Hub is a welcome addition to The Parade and will grow in popularity I am sure, they are such a friendly bunch. This short little episode explains the journey that these guys have been on. Why not take a look at their Facebook group and give them a follow I know they would appreciate it -

Good luck guys, welcome to Shrewsbury.

AL got the chance to have a really good chat with Dave Courteen and his daughter Rose.

 Dave has a fantastic story and he talks about his journey with his company Mosaic. How it all started for him and how he moulded it over the years which has lead him to being a huge part of dozens of Health and Spa Clubs including The Shrewsbury Club. Of course things have been challenging for Dave and everyone else working in the clubs as everything just stopped with the lockdown. AL finds out how Dave has adapted to things and the lessons that he has learned throughout.

Rose is a fellow podcaster, she has a fantastic show called Talking Teenage Life and AL does what he does with all podcasters. He ran Rose through "The Gauntlet" testing Rose's abilities on the mic. It's a lot of fun, find out how she does!

AL and Jules join Darren Campbell at Shrewsbury Prison to catch up with him. Not since the Biscuit first launched have we spoken to him, so it was nice to check in and see how things have been.

Well the end of 2019 and of course 2020 have not been favourable to most in Shrewsbury. Joel has felt the wrath too but instead of burying his head in the sand, he shows drive and determination to come at things from different angles. An "entrepreneur in the true sense of the word" Joel calls it, someone who can quickly adapt and make positive changes to the environment around him.

While the Prison cells were firmly closed during lock-down, Joel, Stacey and Lauren have been working on online shows that give people the opportunity to check in with the team and snoop in on cameras to look for ghosts. This has been hugely successful. Joel has been a good friend to us at the Biscuit and we reminisce about the good, atmospheric times we've had working at the prison (AL's was mostly while he was wearing a wig and make-up!)

Originally the Prison was supposed to re-open on the 20th of June but could not for reasons out of Joel's control. So disregard anything that mentions the Prison opening on this episode. Check out their Facebook for up to date info -

AL sits with ex mayor and Share charity founder Jane McKenzie. In a relaxed but very frank conversation we get into great detail in the signs to look for with addiction, how you could approach a friend or relative if you feel like they have a problem without pushing them away, an inspiring celebrity that AL hails as a hero, some signs to spot when someone suffers from addiction and some great advice too.

AL shares some stories of moments in his life where he has witnessed addiction at its worst.

Jane talks to us about the great things that her charity Share does to help and how you can get in touch if you need help too. 

For the time being we are going to be looking at discussing local independent businesses, events planners, charities and local interests. We start with speaking to promising young entrepreneur Minola Moss.

Alex and Deedee talk to Minola about her business which she is launching post Covid-19. This is such a unique/challenging time for everyone but starting a business, right now, can seem like swimming up-stream. Minola's business "Minola Moss Lash Boutique" is so niche (and during lock-down very much sought after by a lot of ladies out there) that her diary is filling up before she has even opened. However because of new restrictions brought in by the pandemic, Minola has had to wait and wait and wait to open.

First of all AL throws down the gauntlet by "confirming" that he has the best eyelashes in show-business and then we get into what it is the Minola actually does, which is a learning curve for AL. Minola is full of passion and desire to offer a great service to her clients and we wish her the best.

Minola's salon opens soon in The Parade Shopping Centre, if this is something you'd like or would recommend check out her Facebook page to keep up to date  

AL and Julie welcome Michelle from PEGS. In what is a riveting discussion we discuss how things need to change with how people deal with child to adult abuse. There is a stigma that exists that certain behaviours by children can be explained with terms like "typical teenage behaviour" which in some circumstances are actually extremely abusive. There seems to be a relaxed approach when it comes to offering support to victims of at times severe domestic abuse dealt by children.

This is where PEGS comes in, offering practical advice, advocate services and a safe place to talk. Michelle and PEGS are really turning heads with the approach taken that support should be offered to everyone. The impact that has been felt by PEGS' work has gained instant traction and clientele numbers have soared and not just in the UK.

Join us for a very insightful conversation with Michelle who is brilliant.

If you need help with issues discussed in this episode, check out the PEGS website, for a safe place to discuss your situation  

AL and Max speak to a group of extremely talented creators from Shrewsbury. They are Isobel, Anthony and writer Michael and when it comes to creating a fun and clever book, these guys from Critical Tales are a powerhouse. Creating a business and a book in just 6 weeks, these 3 absolutely knocked it out of the park. Their first book Game Of Gnomes is a fun fantasy novel for adults.

AL read the book from cover to cover at a time when he really needed a "pick me up" and Game of Gnomes was exactly what was needed to cheer him up, it was funny in lots of clever ways and it was very hard to believe that this was made in just 6 weeks, but it was and it's brilliant.

We find out the things that worked well for these guys while they were putting this together and things that were a challenge for them, but really the guys from Critical Tales are just cool cats and you are going to enjoy hearing all about their journey 

Team Biscuit sit back and catch up this week, in fact AL and Deedee welcome new Biscuiteer Max Brown to the crew. Max has been such a positive influence on the town lately, being in the press for making a huge effort to keep The Quarry immaculate. Welcome to the team Max we're glad to have you on board!

The team discuss some positive news that is coming out of the town lately. There is an exciting Drive in festival coming to town in July, there's the re-opening of The Parade Shopping centre and other parts of town, Shrewsbury Ark wins a very special award, Footlights Dance School shimmy their way to a great achievement, we get a word from the Market Hall and we head to Twitter for a cool shout-out.

All this and the usual great banter between the team. Best way to start your week. Stay safe people


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