AL speaks to Jamie Edwards from Shrewsbury Town in the Community (STITC). The last time Alex and Jamie met, they only got 5 minutes to sit and chat. This time we have a full 45 minutes to sit talk about the great deeds that STITC do for the community.

Of course between then, things have changed and there are a lot of vulnerable people that are affiliated with STITC that are left without means to carry on with the interaction, exercise and even company that they used to enjoy. Jamie and his fantastic team haven't been lying dormant throughout this difficult time. Working as hard as they can, with whatever resources they have around them, they have been working hard to reach those that so dearly need the help that they once received from the charity.

Creating "isolation packs," working hard on social media and even going to physically (and safely) check on their clients, the absolute best efforts are being made to keep everything going.

Find out what STICT are doing locally, what is happening with the football club during lock-down and most of all, ways you can help with the charity that has roots deep in the heart of the local community. 

AL and Deedee speak to Ali and Sophie from The Shrewsbury Cup. In a show that was a long time coming, The Biscuiteers chat with the creators of one of Shrewsbury's most recognisable names "The Shrewsbury Cup".

You will have seen the branding, read the stories and maybe even drank out of one of their cups. But do you know why this initiative was started? When it all began? Who were the first people to start using the cup? or even what kind of testing goes into a Shrewsbury Cup?

Well by the end of this episode you will know the answers to these questions and much more. Caring for the environment has become so much more of a priority these days, so Ali and Sophie are here to get the job done! With so much passion of the community and the world around them, so much time and care has gone into putting together a solution to the infestation of cheap paper coffee cups.

This is a great interview, Ali and Sophie are a delight I think you will agree....enjoy!

With AL taking the role pf producer on this episode. Shane and Jules bring you a fantastic interview with Sal Tonge.

Sal calls herself a Teller of Tales, a Twoddle Monger, Trader of Taddle-Tales and Collector of Oral Bric-a-Brac. In essence Sal is a storyteller with a whole lot of experience and empathy. Sal has fine tuned her art and her skills to be able help people with dementia and memory impairment. Using cues like songs that remind someone of the seaside or even just conversational tones and not even words, Sal really does have many tricks up her sleeve. 

Sal talks to us about the challenges she has faced with having to use technology to get her stories across, especially when trying to help someone that struggles with visual or hearing impairment. But that does not stop Sal, her passion lies deep in her work.

Check out Sal's website to find out how you can access her services. Thank you for sharing your kind words of wisdom with us Sal, you're a star!


Alex and Julie speak with Annie House. During these unprecedented times we are all facing uncertainty, especially for those that are making the return to work. What positive steps can you take to make sure going back to work doesn't overwhelm you? What does work mean to you and what tools are around you to help you?

Annie works for Enable, a service that offers people advice and support for getting into or getting back to work. Including a helpline,where you can talk about anything that is stressing you out, when it comes to finding work or even improving your work situation.

Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts have offered us all a new dimension when it comes to communicating with one another, it's old technology that is being utilised in the most effect ways during this lock-down situation. We discuss how this may effect work interviews and tips about things you should and should not do.

Check out the Enable website if you think it could be a huge help for you :

The Helpline is here also: 01743 276900

How do assistant dogs adjust to a nationwide lock-down? We forget that a dog, that has been trained to help their owners, may not understand the 2 metre rule or be able follow the arrows around the aisles in Asda.

AL sits down with Rachel Rodgers from Dog Aid, a Shrewsbury based company that helps to train assistant dogs all around the country. We find out ways that these guys have adjusted to offer a lifeline to their clients that are stuck at home while shielding. What is the process of  training an assistant dog like? What are the do's and don'ts for us as passers by and what can you do to help this amazing charity?

This episode offers a completely different perspective to the struggles and the triumphs of the current pandemic.

This week Alex gets to sit and chat with Birgitta Zoutman a photographer who has beautifully illustrated the essence of community, that was picked up and displayed by the national press, in what seemed like a rare piece (by the press) about how people have come together. This was a well thought up idea, that managed to show the country, that Shrewsbury are standing together through these unprecedented times. Alex finds out what inspires Birgitta and the kind nature behind her work.

Despite fighting against those pesky internet Gremlins, this episode becomes a really relaxing and informative conversation that I think all can enjoy, thank you Birgitta it was an honour speaking with you.

We would like to dedicate this episode to the brilliant, the kind and the funny Timothy King, a friend to Shrewsbury. 

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