During these difficult times when everyone is locked in quarantine there have been a few online initiatives that have caught our eye. One of the things that we saw that impressed us was local dance and yoga instructor Cat Merrick, who decided to start running some yoga classes online for the youngsters stuck at home. 

At a time when we are confined to our quarters, it is important for us to keep our body and mind busy and when things get tough, learn how to breath. AL speaks to Cat about how useful Yoga can be at times like this. We also find out where to find Cat's online classes and what how we can all join in.

AL and Julie speak to David Fairclough and Jenny Robey from the Royal British Legion. We find out how the Legion are helping the vulnerable people that they support, during this difficult period in time when social isolation is in place. We discuss the values that the RBL had when it started in 1921 and how they compare today.

In a bid to start online awareness and keep the Poppy Appeal moving virtually AL attempts to bring back the Harlem Shake because he's such a revolutionary! 

Before the lockdown AL managed to get to speak to Vanessa from her wonderful shop, Condover Furniture.

Vanessa takes a lot of time beautifully restoring old forgotten pieces of furniture, turning them into visually stunning works of art.

Find out about Vanessa's processes, the dynamics behind being environmentally friendly, an artist that sells unbelievable artwork from her store and of course, what Shrewsbury means to her.

Support local businesses in the these hard times by following them on social media and pre ordering. Between us, we can keep independent businesses alive.

A day before the pubs closed AL was lucky enough to visit The Wood Brewery, home to the famous Shropshire Lad bitter. This episode had been in the planning for a long time. Wrought with the constant bombardment of crisis in Shropshire, we are so happy to finally bring this episode to you.

The episode begins with AL following Rory around the brewery while he expertly explains the process in how Wood's make their delicious beer.

After the tour AL and Rory meet up with Wood's owner Stephen O'Neill in a cosy corner of the Plough Inn (home of the Wood Brewery) and they record a nice calm podcast. Stephen and Rory teach AL about the history of Wood's Brewery, about the upcoming events that are coming up and about how they make their beer taste the way it does.

Then the guys get down to tasting some beer, (yes AL breaks his Keto vows!) they taste 5 products, one of which Wood's is very proud of. Find out why further on in the episode. 

It was such an honour to be welcomed into Wood's Brewery and AL was astounded by the hospitality shown to him and would like to say a huge thank you to Rory and Stephen for being so kind. Check out the Wood's website here and keep up to date with things, especially with the recent current events - http://www.woodbrewery.co.uk/

AL speaks to Olivia from Hive Shrewsbury. A wonderful place that has creativity at its heart.

The Hive is a place where people can go to use creativity as a healthy way to escape, learn and grow. With over a decade of experience in helping young people through the medium of music, production skills and many other forms of art. The Hive really does have an excellent reputation within the Shrewsbury community.

We discuss the great schemes that The Hive have been working on recently and what's in store for later on in the year, including a great sounding project called Hidden Waterways. This is something that is being put together to help record the history of the canal in Shrewsbury, as well as give it a rebirth. Olivia is looking for people that would love to help contribute to the project, whether it be stories about the old canal or ways in which you can help take part.

Contact the Hive through their Facebook page to find out more https://www.facebook.com/hiveshrewsbury 

AL got invited to take a look at what Shrewsbury Town in the Community are doing for the EFL's "Day of Action". Shrewsbury Town in the Community (STIC) already do a great deal to help out the community and as part of their Day of Action, they have partnered up with Shrewsbury Ark to give the homeless community, or those attached to the community, an opportunity to use the 4G pitches, to get out, spread their legs and have a bit of fun. As well as a good kick about, these guys will get use of the showers and there will be a complimentary barber on site too.

AL speaks to a number of people involved, including Wendy from Shrewsbury Ark, Jamie Edwards the Chief Exec of STIC, Liam the media manager from STIC, Kate Lindley (who looks after Extra Time listen for more info), Steve the events manager and he even spoke to the barber Ollie who was there cutting hair.

Extra Time hubs are a series of activity based clubs for men and women over 55 that promotes improvement of health, social skills and well being. If you know someone who would benefit from this please email Kate at Kate.Lindley@shrewsburytowninthecommunity.com

Brought to you from Deedee's kitchen, AL, Julie and (of course) Deedee sit and discuss the great things they have done recently and give you an insight into what's to come.

We give a huge shout-out to Our Shane, he couldn't be there because he and his partner have just had a baby, so congrats guys!

AL talks to Dee about how she is finding being a part of Team Biscuit and what she has enjoyed the most.

This was a nice relaxed chat we had amongst the team and we thought we'd share it with you.

AL and Deedee go to the home of James and Katriona. James is an architect who is taking on the huge project of recording the buildings of Shrewsbury by drawing them in the most immaculate detail.

Starting from the bottom of Wyle Cop and working his way to the top, on both sides, James already has a collection that is of the highest quality.

We speak to both James and Katriona about the kind of buzz this has created across social media and how much work has to go into making these fantastic drawings. Why is James doing this? How much of this has become an obsession and how difficult is it to capture these buildings in such a perfect way?

We find out all this and more on the week's episode.

Make sure you check out their Facebook page to find out more www.facebook.com/shrewsburystreetscapeproject

Ahh the the creation of life, there's nothing more beautiful right? Well the guys at Park Hall invited us to the Live Lambing experience to take a look at what goes on during this magical time of year.

Deedee, my wife Carolina and son Timmy all went along to witness the occasion and had a great day. Dee speaks to a gentleman from the park who looks after the lambs, then narrates some pig racing for us. Then AL interviews mini Biscuiteer Timmy about his experience.

Thanks so much to the guys at Shropshire Festivals for hooking us up for this event and Park Hall for letting us be a part of it too.

Deedee attended a brilliant talk at The Guildhall that was put on as a part of The Darwin Festival. The title of the talk was Workforce of the Future-Evolution of the Workplace. The talk was all about how businesses should adapt to keep moving forward.

Dee collects 2 great interviews.

One with John O'Brien, who talks with Dee about his love for Shropshire and the importance of this subject.

Two is with Paul Lindley OBE, award winning entrepreneur and founder of Ella's Kitchen. Paul gives us some important advice on how to keep a workforce happy in their work.

This was Deedee's first solo outing as a Biscuiteer and I think she did a fantastic job well done Dee!!

For this episode AL speaks to Rachel Evans aka, Spirograph Girl.

Rachel uses the iconic Spirograph to make very impressive, very colourful and brilliantly eye catching art. Rachel's artwork needs to be seen to be believed, so go ahead and press play on this episode and then go to www.spirographgirl.com and see for yourself. Collages of complex patterns and striking colours, Rachel puts together works that are simply breathtaking.

During this episode AL and Rachel talk about where this passion comes from, turns out Spirograph Girl is one creative cookie! 

AL and Rachel also get to work on making a Spirograph canvas of their own, while recording this episode, to which AL found it so relaxing, he forgot they were recording a podcast! 

Rachel is putting together a workshop at The Old Post Office on the 10th of March to raise money for a charity that means a lot to her. Go to her website (above) to book your tickets. It will be a lot of fun and you will have your own piece of Spirograph art to take with you afterwards, check it out! 

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