AL welcomes Caroline Pears to the Biscuit. Caroline has a fantastic blog called Pears 39 and a beautiful Instagram. Both of which Caroline takes great pride in.

This is the perfect episode that displays how taking pride something you love doing can change your life. Whether it was travelling, photography or sharing her thoughts on a blog, Caroline found a way to turn her passions into something she is proud of.

A "perfect vice" as AL calls it, is a way of using those excess energies that one can get from anxiety and turning it into something creative and positive. This a lot of what we talk about on this episode, as well as finding out about our guest's story. Caroline is an inspiration and it was a pleasure to have her come on as a guest.

Check out Caroline's blog and see for yourself, its great!

AL speaks to Mike Barton and Ian Gillespie from High Five Tennis.

Tennis is hugely popular, especially in the Summer. But Mike and Ian are here to tell you that you can come and play tennis anytime of the year, be taught by qualified coaches and be a part of a team.

Whether you are a novice or a competing tennis god, you are welcome to come and be part of the action at High Five tennis. Getting young people away from the Xbox can be a chore in itself, yet Ian and Mike motivate people for a living and AL wants to find out more about where, why and how they do, what they do...

AL and Jules attended the opening evening of the Young Darwin exhibition at Bear Step on 12th February, Charles' birthday.

This is a collection of conversations from people that are fond of Darwin and this town. We Speak to Tim Dawes, Fiona from the Unitarian Church, a Spanish couple that had come to Shrewsbury just for the exhibition, Bibbs and a few more brilliantly chatty people.

The Exhibition looks fantastic and there's something for everyone of all ages. It's free (donation suggested) and open all the way until the 29th of February. If you're at a loose end and looking for something to do in town pop in and have a look, take the kids they'll love it!

Jules and Deedee attended the opener for the Shrewsbury Tennis Ball Trail at Hickory's. This has been set up to celebrate the Women's W60 Tour coming to Shrewsbury. The girls speak to many people about what this means to them and what people need to know about the trail. This includes:

Helen Morgan, Emma from the BID, Paula from Hickory's, Jess & Nick from Team4You and many more.

Dave Courteen, the Managing Director from The Shrewsbury Club joins AL for a chat at Biscuit Studios to talk about the prestigious Women's W60 competition that's coming to the town. What can we expect? How can we get tickets? Will the BBC be there? Where will it be broadcast? All of these questions are answered right here!

AL had the bright idea of recording a podcast at the top of the Monument in Hawkstone Park Follies, even though he is terrified of heights! So this is what we did, AL, Jules and manager at the park Howard come to you from 100ft in the air.

We talk about the park, its history, the events people can look forward to and continuously about the place's beauty. Anyone coming to Shropshire from abroad, I would highly recommend Hawkstone Park as a must see!

After the Monument, we moved to the visitor centre where we find out about the Park's possible link to Camelot and the holy grail! Then the last bit of audio was recorded inside the visually stunning caves.

Thanks so much to Howard for being so accommodating and huge shout out to Alex too who works in the visitor centre, he was friendly, passionate and knows his stuff! check out the Hawkstone Park website - for tickets and for future events.   

AL, Jules and DeeDee spend an hour getting to know local and now TV superstar Adam Purnell or as some may know him as Shropshire Lad.

Adam tells us where his passion for cooking comes from and how it helps him in his day job to bring people together. Adam appeared on the Channel 4 TV series 'Crazy Delicious' where he was pit against 2 other chefs in a competition to win the coveted Golden Apple.

Find out how Adam ended up on the show, some inside info on how it was made, how Adam thought out and created his dishes for the show and it all went down for him. There are some nice shout-outs for local suppliers that helped Adam on his journey too. 

We covered the Shropshire Young Thinkers Awards 2020, which was put together by Morris & Co. Around 400 children aged 7-12 entered the competition where the mission was to design an emblem that linked Charles Darwin to Shrewsbury.

This was the finals. The judges had managed to get 400 entries down to just 20 and out of those 20, there would be a few "highly recommended winners" who won their design printed onto a tea towel and a blown up image of their design. Then there was the winner, who's design would fly as a flag above UCS, The Morris Building and be the first ever flag flown above the Flax Mill when it reopens.

We speak to artist Linda Edwards, Mayor Phil Gillam, Paul Kirkbright, Katy Morris and of course the winner.....

We have been dying to get Jamila Walker on the show for a long time. Knowing that Jamila is putting on a workshop for the Darwin Festival was the perfect opportunity to get her in for a chat.

We find out how Jamila started out in her career, what inspires her and what motivates her. We love getting inside the minds of creators and I have to say, how Jamila see's the world is kinda nice. Whether it be romanticising about the warmth of the ideal living room scene, noticing a new hat on that person you walk past everyday or seeing the beauty in everyday tasks. That's the inspiration I took from this interview.

Jamila is holding a workshop at the Unitarian Church on Saturday 15th of Feb called 'Patterns in Nature' it says its great for 6-107 year olds! Go to to find out more.

David Waterhouse is the Chairman of, Friends of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. We talk about all of the hard work that goes into raising money to maintain the Museum and Art Gallery and to keep things interesting. David tells me how important it is to support your local museums and having not been for about a year myself, he quite rightly gives me a bit of a grilling over it. 

Every year there is a Darwin Memorial Lecture at the Severn Theatre that sells out very quickly. This year's is on Sunday 16th February and David tells us a bout about what this year has to offer.

David is right we all must support our local Museums. To spark your interests in local history, as part of the Darwin Festival, the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery are inviting people to the museum for free between Fri 14th - Sun 16th Feb. It's a great opportunity to take the family out and witness the wonders inside.

Richard Cheal is a great guy who is bringing something special to Shrewsbury, Cafe Scientific.

Picture yourself sat in a comfortable place drinking coffee, beer or whatever you choose to drink. Listening to a talk on psychology, Artificial Intelligence or medical research. Slowly digesting the information in a setting that is relaxed and sociable.

Richard is starting his first Cafe Scientific on the 10th of February to link in with the Darwin Festival. Make sure you to find out more about this particular event or go to to look for future talks.

Listen to Richard's amazing story, the passion he has for his field of Geology and the desire the share knowledge with others.

AL and DeeDee sit and chat with Bibbs from the Civic Society/Bear Steps about the important work that the Civic Society does for the town. Protecting important historical buildings and making sure our heritage isn't lost.

From the beginning, The Civic Society have worked hard to keep Shrewsbury looking like Shrewsbury, they are a collective that are all very passionate about it too. 

Bear Steps Art Gallery and Medieval Hall are throwing some great events during the Darwin Festival and Bibbs tells us all about them.

Bibbs is lovely and full of amazing facts and she is absolutely welcome back anytime.

Make sure you go to to find out more about the Darwin Festival, it's such a brilliant event!

Bloom Studios in Coleham is a sight to be seen, it's a place that does nothing but great things to inspire creativity in the community and we are in love with this place.

AL and Julie chat with Bloom owner Kerry Jones who shares with us a passionate run-down of some of the great classes that are available. Also joining is Luke Crump who is an inspired doodle artist who teaches youngsters the art of doodling. Both share a lot of love for art and it's such a breath of fresh air.

Tim King also features in this episode and he discusses The Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2020. We find out what people can expect for this year's event.

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