Aleks Vladimirov is a good friend of the show and has been a regular guest since before the show even began if you can believe it!

Well Alex speaks to Aleks about all kinds of things. When these 2 get together, the comfortable nature of the conversation can create tangents about anything.

We start talking about Shrewsbury, Darwin, innovation and way that the town has and can continue to change. We get to chatting about how modern day technology has changed the way people think about things and then we meander into A.I, Evolution, Snapchat, Love Island, Stoke slang and then all the way back to the important stuff. Innovation, desire and being brave.

I love having Aleks on the show, we always have the best conversations.

AL and Julie speak to Pete White. The owner of Web Orchard,Information Solutions and the Love Shrewsbury website. He created our beautiful website, he's our sponsor and a good friend of the show.

We want to find out how it all began for Pete, what lies in the future for Web Orchard and how his team manage to stay so calm while dealing with computer problems that would normally send a guy crazy.

From his university radio days, old skool LAN parties to his passion for what he does, we spend a few minutes getting to know Pete. 

Chords Crush Cancer is a brilliant, popular fundraiser for Lingen Davies. AL, Jules and Deedee speak to the event's creator Mark Fielden.

Mark shows a certain passion about Chords Crush Cancer that can only be admired. Set at The Inn On The Green, the event is based around a series of auctions where all the proceeds go to charity. Along with that, there are lives bands and a lot of fun had by all throughout proceedings.

We find out Mark's reasons for putting this amazing thing together, why he does it and important lesson's that he has learned in the 5 years of organising this. 

Make sure you give Chords Crush Cancer a follow on Facebook to find out more!

AL and DeeDee sit with Jen Eastwood from Rock Rose Digital.

Jen started her business from nothing and now she is doing a fantastic job with helping companies with their social media presence.

We talk about how powerful a tool social media is and how it can help a business blossom.

Jen helps out with a few very handy pointers to get you started.

Thanks Jen this was awesome!

The Shrewsbury Biscuit welcomes Charlie Adlard to the show. AL, Shane and Julie speak to Charlie, who is the co-creator of The Walking Dead, one of the best selling independent Comic-Books in the world.

Charlie is not only an icon in the world of comic-books, but is a bit of a Shrewsbury legend (although he would modestly disagree). Despite his worldwide acclaim, Charlie is a proud Salopian and he works hard to inspire others. Whether it be his ambassadorial role at The Hive, helping organise the local Comics Salopia Festival with Shane Chebsey or appearing on plucky local podcasts (ahem!) 

We begin with how things began for Charlie and the journey that's taken him to the top of the comic-book food chain, including his own personal inspirations. We also find out how AL and Shane almost stumbled upon a worldwide exclusive of one of the most baller, mic drop moments in Comic-book history. 

Julie popped by the HSBC National Cyclocross Championships, which was being held at The Sports Village in Shrewsbury and for anyone that knows cycling it is a big deal.

Listen to Jules as she walks around the event finding people to talk to, including Olympic Gold Medalist Dani Rowe, The Mayor Phil Gillam and some of the competitors that were warming up.

A special shout out goes to Sian from Lincolnshire who came in last place but was full of positive energies, we loved that.

AL was suffering from Keto flu (yes it's real!) but enjoyed sitting down with Claire Moore from Peakes Travel Elite, a company that gets a lot of love from the Shrewsbury locals.

Find out the fascinating story about how Peakes Travel came to be and how Claire started her career there. Throughout Claire's career, Peakes has gone on to become highly reputable and even won major, nationwide awards (this, you need to hear!)

We discuss how world problems can have a huge impact on the travel industry and vice versa and what Peakes Travel have in place to combat these issues.

Check out the Peakes Travel Elite website to learn more about them

We are all super excited about the Darwin Festival, there is so much to look forward to. On today's episode we speak to Paul Kirkbright who is the Deputy Provost from UCS, about what this festival means to the town.

Before that though we spend 20 minutes speaking to new Biscuiteer DeeDee! Before she was thrown in the deep end with the Darwin Fest talk, AL and Jules spend a bit of time getting to know their new co-host.

I encourage absolutely everyone that is a fan of the show to get out to see some of the amazing events that are coming up as part of the Darwin Festival. There are many fascinating things taking place, a lot of which are free! Go to and check it out!

Ben Butler is a guy that is doing amazing things with young people in Shropshire with his company New Generation Coaching. Guiding young folks through a life without knives, drugs and violence. Making direct, positive changes to people's lives so that they don't have to get involved with the lifestyle that Ben used to have.

"you're not invincible, it won't last, you're wither going to end up dead or in prison.." a poignant message from Ben to the youngsters out there getting caught up in County Lines, violence and drugs.  

From the negative, comes a whole lot of positive. If Ben can make the change and not only turn is life around but be an inspiration to others, we have a chance to make things better. Thank You Ben for all of the hard work you are doing with New Generation Coaching

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