On a truly breathtaking night in Shrewsbury where there was carol singing serenading the people, there were people enjoying their evening and the Market Hall was lit up beautifully. AL got to sit in on a Gin Tasting session held by Darren Tomkins from Gindifferent.

Not only were the drinks stunning, not only was Darren's passionate talk on Gin really interesting but the atmosphere really was great. I caught up with Darren after the session and we had a chat about it. 

I mentioned our website at the end but didn't give out the address but here it is we are at www.theshrewsburybiscuitpodcast.co.uk On our website you can play our show directly off your device without having to download an app, its pretty cool. Check it out! 

December 25, 2019

Crumbs: I can Dance

Julie pops in to chat with Sarah Bright who created I Can Dance. A dance class that is very popular.

We find out where the idea came from, a little bit about Sarah and what the participants of this session were dancing to. 

Julie brings up the World Record Breaking Charleston Dance from last year which was organised by Sarah. So not only is I can Dance popular in Shrewsbury there is a global recognition for Sarah's fantastic work.

AL, Shane and Julie see off 2019 by celebrating all of the brilliant and silly things that they have accomplished throughout the year.

We say goodbye to 2019 and get excited about what we have coming up in 2020.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, we are really looking forward to "Bringing The Biscuit" in 2020 to repay the amazing faith that has been shown in us.

We would like to wish our listeners a merry Christmas and brilliant 2020!

AL and Julie spend the day with the folks at Shropshire Festivals in their offices in Buildwas. Between recording the 2 parts of this show, everyone walked up to watch the demolition of the power station cooling towers.So this episode is marked with a historic day.

Part one: We speak to Beth and Rachel about how things began for them, the events they cover, the events they like to cover and we get offered a challenge/throw-down, which we find both exciting and terrifying!

Part two: We speak to Gemma and Claire who part of PR and Shropshire Think Tank where we talk about their finest achievements and how being positively passionate about your job can also be a curse #zipties 

Thanks so much for a brilliant and memorable day, it was thoroughly enjoyable!

Photo credit: Lorraine Fletcher. I had to zoom in to fit it into the Podbean format, but please know that this fantastic shot is the work of the clever Lorraine Fletcher. Thank you for this :-)

AL is joined by Urban Explorer and owner of the fascinating blog "Shrewsbury From Where You Are Not" Chris Schurke.

Chris returns to talk about the adventures that he's been on in Germany, exploring deserted Nazi bases, climbing roller-coasters and much more. We discuss where we would like to go to explore, the developing problems with Urban Exploration as well as a cruel little game I played with him. The game was if you could only choose 3 buildings to save in Shrewsbury what would they be...

Find out what Chris chose on the weeks edition of The Shrewsbury Biscuit!

Episode Artwork Credit: Brigitta Zoutman. Thank you for this wonderful, tranquil image of the river with the railway bridge and church spires in the background. 

Local author Kevin Horak joins AL and Jules on this episode to talk about his new book Mildred The Crazy Cat Lady.

Kevin is a man of many talents, he is a DJ, a fantastic writer and is great at not cursing, even though his previous book titles had swear words in the title! Regardless we expertly discuss those books without being potty mouthed (not Jules though!) 

In this hilarious episode we have a lot of fun talking about Kevin's previous works as well as finding out about his new book Mildred The Crazy Cat Lady, which has just been given a nationwide release by Waterstones (congratulations Kevin!)

Episode artwork credit: Lee Roberts as supplied to us via the Facebook group "For The Love Of Shrewsbury"

Fuelled by Lefevre Chocolates, AL and Jules speak to the world's tallest Town Crier, Shrewsbury's very own Martin Wood.

We discuss the days before Martin took up the role, how became our Town Crier and the places that it has taken him.

From the World Town Crier Championships, to performing for the Queen Mother and back again to the top of Pride Hill, Martin has a fascinating story.

It is a role for which the people of Shrewsbury appreciate Martin for and we wanted to share his story and say thank you for representing the town in such remarkable fashion. 

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