Join Jules at the 70th Anniversary party of Age UK, where they launched their Platinum Appeal.

The party was held at The Museum in Shrewsbury. Jules enjoys conversations with Telephone Buddy Lynn, Chief Exec Heather, Katherine and Angela. All of whom talk so passionately about the great work they put in to make the lives of the elderly a much better place.

Thank you for inviting us to your stunning event and we at the Biscuit wish you greatest luck for this appeal and we encourage our listeners to get involved.


For their first day recording at Biscuit Studios in The Parade Shopping Centre, AL and Jules decide to make it all about about the Parade.

The show is opened by AL's son Timmy, warmed up by the Biscuiteers, then we speak to a couple of traders from the Parade. Gill from Beadles and Mike from Salop Technology.

Then we finish off with the great and powerful Stan Sedman who teaches us the history of the building. The old hospital has an amazing and truly fascinating history, which Stan expertly guides us through.

Thank you to everyone that has been so accommodating, including Laura and Rich from Lefevre Chocolate for our Xmas choccies, Tat Efby for giving us some brilliant artwork for the studio and of course the guys at the Parade for letting us do our thing on your beautiful premises  

November 20, 2019

Crumbs: Monopoly Launch

We were lucky enough to go to the Monopoly launch at the Dana, where we got to interview a few people including: Graham Barnes (6 Star PR), The ladies from Shropshire Cat Rescue, Lauren Watkins (The Dana Prison) and Naomi Atkin (Lingen Davies).

We also got to speak to the Mayor, Phil Gillam while he played the first ever game of the Shrewsbury Edition of Monopoly.

Thanks to everyone that spoke to us, we made some great content I'm sure our listeners will enjoy. 

"Crumbs" is our new way of sharing our "in the field" interviews, short snippet shows that you can quickly enjoy :)

Local author joins AL and Shane this week on the Shrewsbury Biscuit. Steve has been writing for many years. He's had his highs and he's had his lows and we learn a bit about Steve's career. How a post-it note changed his career, how a last grasp throw of the dice gave him added determination and now how Steve is helping aspiring writers.

We love talking to creators on this show and Steve is one of the most determined creators that we've interviewed. He wanted to be a writer and by jove that's what he became. Join us as we delve into the brilliant mind of Steve Palmer

Episode Artwork Credit - Oliver Dryland. Beautiful aerial shot of St Chad's



Fellow podcaster Lea Meakin joins AL this week to discuss his motivations behind his show and his vision.

We don't just salivate over microphones (well we do a bit!) I try to find out more about Lea and what drives him. We discuss some of the do's and don'ts of podcasting, what Lea does and doesn't do on his show too.

We discuss how the people of Shrewsbury have a lot of proud for their town. Whats going on in the town? We discuss that too, with a huge shout out to Shrewsbury Market Hall, who need your help! Listen out for why, on this weeks episode!

[Episode cover credit: Lorraine Fletcher]

Make sure you check out Lea's Conversation Junkie its a really great show:

AL, Shane and Jules enjoy a catch up. Jules has been in America on Vacation, AL has been having some quality family time and Shane has been...working.

Oh and its the Biscuit's 1 year anniversary!! The group discuss The Shrewsbury Biscuit, the adventure that it has been and what listeners can look forward to in the future. Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts that had supported us over the last year. This show has grown into something special and its because of you guys. Guests and listeners alike, we love you all!

[AMENDMENT] During this episode we mention a "Help the Aged" function that we are going to. That was wrong, it's actually Age UK who are celebrating their 70 year anniversary and we will be there to celebrate with them happily. 

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