Graham Barnes from 6 Star PR sits with AL to discuss what people can expect from the highly anticipated Shrewsbury version of Monopoly.

AL finds out a bit about the production process and what it has been like to get knees deep in Shrewsbury during the process. Graham kindly shares a few exciting, first time exclusives, which happen to feature some familiar names and places.

The game will be launched at 10am on Friday 15th November and it will be stocked in many places throughout the town, so make sure it's on that list to Santa!

AL and Shane are joined by Susan from Pengwern Books which is based on Fish Street in Shrewsbury.

Susan (amongst others) is putting together the Festival of Literature, which will be taking place between, 22nd - 24th of November. We discuss who is going to be taking part in the festival, where and when the events will take place, as well as memorable moments of Lit Fest's gone by.

We try and find out a bit about Susan too, as well as delving into the joys and difficulties of selling books in a scenario that is a lot less "algorithmey" this day and age.

check out the website for the Lit Fest to find out where and when certain events are taking place and get your tickets now before they run out!

AL and Shane are joined by Pixie and Carla. Pixie has been through an awful lot, yet is determined to do an awful lot, to help with her charity "Pixie Belle Warriors". Carla is a counsellor that is very passionate about helping people to help themselves. Shane brings his absolute A game on this one too.

We very calmly sat and discuss some of our own problems that we've faced and we discover some ways in which people can help themselves. Also discussed is the stigmas surrounding Mental Health and the barriers that we put up, that tend to obstruct us from seeking out help.

Today's episode art work is a collection of photos that were taking by the very talented and very lovely Lorraine Fletcher, adding some colour to an already beautiful town.

Make sure you check out Pixie's podcast "Pixie Bell" which offers a very honest but thought provoking look into Pixie's world.

AL and Shane are joined by BBC Shropshire's very own Jim Hawkins.

From the sophistication of the BBC studios, to getting lost on Trinity Street, then sitting with the kind of guys that forget to turn their mic on before the show starts! This was as great an experience for Jim as it was for us!

We find out how Jim's career came to be, how things have changed since the 'black and white days' and how difficult it can actually be to talk down a mic.

Thanks for joining us Jim it was an honour to have you on as a guest! 

AL and Julie are joined by 2 Shrewsbury superstars.

Lorraine Fletcher created For The Love Of Shrewsbury, one of the town's biggest and most loved Facebook pages. People from all around the world are kept in the loop with everything to do with Shrewsbury because of this well managed page.

Stan Sedman is a well beloved historian and Shrewsbury tour guide. The best tours of Shrewsbury are given by Stan, if you are lucky to get on one!

A podcast that warms into some fantastic chat about Shrewsbury, the beginnings of Lorraine's page, how Stan came to be an asset to the page and how Lorraine influenced even this show!

Lorraine is full of warmth, Stan is hilarious and so knowledgeable and Julie brings her A-game. This was a great episode! 

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