This episode is split into 2 parts

Part 1: Phil Davies, if you've got little ones, you've had CBeebies on in the background then you will know this guy's work. He is a writer for Go Jetters and The Furchester Hotel. A thoroughly nice guy talks to us about what its like to write for kids TV, including some of the do's and don'ts.

Part 2: Nathan Proctor and Andrew Richmond. A really honest discussion about an up and coming writing talent, who was taken under the wing of a dedicated artist. These 2 discovered they had an amazing connection when it came to creating comic-books together. They are now making some awe inspiring art together for Mondo Comix. Check it out

Have you ever wondered how to turn an idea into something special? Well if there was ever a specialist at turning ideas into gold, John Wagner would be the guy to talk to.

Judge Dredd and 2000AD are widely loved all around the world and John is a massive part of it all. Dredd went on to inspire 2 movies and soon (hopefully) a TV series, John tells us all about that, amongst other fantastic achievements  

John recently created the graphic novel, Rok of the Reds. A brilliant story that is nominated for awards and adored by many. The sequel Rok the God is in the process of being created but John needs your help. Find out how we can all help him on this fantastic episode.

This week AL and Julie speak to Shrewsbury's very own power couple (SPC) Naomi Atkin and Darren Tomkins.

Naomi is the executive officer at amazing charity Lingen Davies and Darren is the owner of GinDifferent in the Market Hall. We find out how Lingen Davies began, how things have changed since it began back in 1979. We also find out about the world of gin and how things are rapidly changing with Darren.

Both Darren and Naomi are amazing at working with others and bringing people together for great causes. An absolute asset to Shrewsbury and deserving of the appointment SPC. 

A catch up show with the Biscuit crew. We give new Biscuiteer Julie a proper introduction to the show and let our listeners find out a bit about our fantastic new host.

Find out what the guys have been up to, what they are going to be up to, as well as some exciting Monopoly news!

AL is also struggling to fit in at's a science you know!

This episode is a lot of fun!

I thought it would be a great idea to set up the equipment upstairs in Shrewsbury Market Hall, for our interview with resident artist Karen Duffy. Julie worked her magic to get us this interview at short notice. Karen was understandably nervous, but she knocked it out of the park. What a great interview it was!

Thank you to everyone at the Market Hall for your support and I hope to be back soon to record. It's a wonderful place full of wonderful people!

This week we are joined by new member of the team, fellow Biscuiteer Julie and our special guest Tim King.

We discuss the very exciting Beatles Weekend that is due to hit Shrewsbury on the 20th - 22nd of September to raise money/awareness for The Samaritans. There are lots of great events taking place, opportunities to watch the Beatles movies, talks about The Beatles in the comics, a Beatles open mic night, a concert by the Mersey Beatles, photo opportunities and much,much more!

Tim lets us in on a couple of first time exclusives too, so be sure not to miss it 

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