This is our feature episode from the Shrewsbury Flower Show. Listen to our thoughts of the first time we attending the show, as well as all of the interviews we got during our time there. Featuring "The Heroes of The Dingle", Jonathon Gregory (Vinnie), Dot & Hilary from the Women's Institute (W.I), AL & Shane's mid day reactions, The Ffestiniog Railway and Scouting For Girls.

We are sorry to everyone we couldn't get to that day, we had such a busy day it was hard to round to everyone. Thank you to the organisers for letting us do this, it was such a brilliant event for us and we had lots of fun doing it. 


Simon Bell is a local author and a Biscuit favourite (episode 1) and he asked me if I wanted to speak to Rainer Hoess, the Grandson of Auschwitz commandant Rudolph Hoess. Of course I snapped at the chance and boy am I grateful for this opportunity.

Rainer has an amazing story of the bravery that is needed to want to make a difference to the world. A bravery that separated him from his family and took him on an amazing journey to find ways to fight against the rhetoric of hate. The complete opposite of what his Grandfather did. This rally is one of the most rewarding interviews I've done and I am so grateful to Simon and Rainer for doing this with me.

Rainer and Simon created Footsteps a page designed to offer support and comfort to anyone that was effected by the Holocaust. After listening to this episode please check out their site and give them a follow on Facebook, its heroes like these guys that deserve plenty of support.

In this short 15 minute interview I speak to Jo, an organiser of The Shrewsbury Folk Festival, as we stroll across the fields of West Mids Showground.

We talk about what the festival looks like, how many people are expected to attend and the atmosphere it brings, creating what seems like the worlds friendliest mosh-pits.

Thank you Jo for making this an interview as I was pretty exhausted after a night shift, you were a star, all the best for the festival we hope its a cracker!

The festival begins on August 23rd and runs through until the 26th, Make sure you check their website to see if there are tickets available!

I finally got to sit with a bit of a Shrewsbury legend. Sarah Hopper who runs the Ferndell B&B and oh my days what a great interview it was!

Sarah has a really infectious enthusiasm and great outlook on life that absolutely comes out in this episode. With a whole lot of energy and a huge appreciation for what she does, you cannot help but be inspired by her.

Make sure you listen out for me being dippy and not knowing who a certain celeb is and the Sarah's jam story (which blew my mind!). you will get a feel for how life is for a family that live in and operate a busy Bed and Breakfast with a very good reputation.

This episode was a real joy to put together, Thank you Sarah!

Extinction Rebellion are in the news daily. Whether it's due to a protest they have put together that has caused mayhem in the middle of London or whether they are being interviewed on the news about their views on climate change. Whatever the angle, they are everywhere. Just recently XR Shrewsbury protested in a bank in our town by doing a "die in" where they all lay on the ground.

This caused me to be curious, what are the messages that XR are trying to tell us? So I got in touch! and this is an interview with Anna Morris and Richard Davies to do exactly that. The world is heading in a direction where money and consumerism is now more important than the planet itself, XR are here to tell people that changes need to be made. 

The fascinating episode introduces the listeners to Extinction Rebellion and explains many different ways you can help make changes, also how they intend to influence big, wholesale changes to our way of life to try and save the world.

Thank you to XR Shrewsbury for helping me put this together, it was a truly insightful interview.

This is an episode featuring an interview with Shrewsbury Flower Show organisers Amanda and Helen. We talk about what people have got to look forward to with this year's show, a little bit about The Flower Show and its origin. [This audio is quiet turn volume up]

The second half of this episode is an interview with CAMRA representative Norrie who has helped plan this year's CAMRA Beer Festival at St Marys church in town. We discuss CAMRA, who they are and what they stand for. We also chat about the festival's "window beers" and how they are helping the church replace its broken stain-glass window. [this audio is loud turn volume down a smidgen]

Thank you to everyone for their continued support with The Biscuit as well as your patience in waiting for this episode, as it is a few days late!

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