AL and Shane speak to Tom and Dan from Nerdy cafe.

Whether you are board game wizard or a newbie you can enjoy Nerdy cafe. Or even if you want to try "the best coffee in Shrewsbury" as stated by Tom himself.

Shrewsbury already has such a rich coffee shop culture but Nerdy is "so much more than that" Find out exactly what exciting, new activities, features and experiences the beautifully renovated Nerdy cafe has to offer.

What once was a bedroom themed night club is now a place that people of every age can enjoy. The cafe opens on the 3rd of August make sure you pop by and say hello!


AL and Shane bring on the "Anti Dieting Rebel" Louise Tanner-Stokes.

Louise has a dietary coaching programme designed to help people move away from the yo-yo diets and fads. Helping new mum's ditch those pounds with great tips on how to make little tweaks to improve your lifestyle.

We discuss those common reasons why diets fail, how long Louise has been doing this and we have a very important conversation at the end about biscuits....of course.

Make sure you check out Louise Tanners-Stokes on Facebook and check out her website too which is here -

The world famous Chip Kidd is interviewed by the amazing Leonard Sultana (An Englishman in San Diego).

This interview is so charming and it was such an honour to be there. When I looked around the room during the talk everyone was just in awe of Chip. Anyone that is aspiring to go out there and make something, should listen to this interview.

We discover the history of Chip Kidd, how it all began. Chip's first ever Batman story and where that came from. (which is fascinating by the way) We also find out lots of inside knowledge about his work on the Watchmen book, which includes a bit of design info that even blew Chip's mind!

Chip is funny, charismatic and eager to share his wisdom and everyone can take something from this. I love it and hopefully so will you!

AL and Shane have the honour of speaking to Shrewsbury Mayor Phil Gillam.

Phil has a long history in the world of journalism, he is also the author to a number of books. Shrewsbury has a Mayor that has a devout love for the town and his passion shines through during this podcast.

We discuss what plans our Mayor has for the town, in way of bringing what sounds like a fantastic Beatles weekend in September. As well as what the life of a young journalist in "the old days" as Phil puts it.

It was an honour to bring this interview to you and a fantastic opportunity to speak to Phil and we a so grateful for this.

AL and Shane are joined by Matt Fitch & Chris Baker, writers of one of the biggest graphic novels of the year, Apollo.

A graphic novel that has been discussed by many over the last year, brings to you the real story of the humans that landed on the Moon during the Apollo mission. This book has received so much attention, that its hard not to ask the question. What is it about this book, that has kicked up such a fuss?

Well find out on this episode of Comics Salopia Podcast.

BTW Matt & Chris are pretty awesome

AL and Shane had the privilege to speak to The Beano editor John Anderson. In what was a huge shock to AL, (who used to adore The Beano) the classic comic-book is thriving today. We discuss what makes The Beano so appealing to today's youth, especially since so much has changed in the world since the series began.

This week's episode features AL's day spent with artists at pARTicipate in the Riverside Shopping Centre for The Shrewsbury Open Studios.

Getting the chance to speak to Tat Effby who illustrates the comic strip for My Shrewsbury amongst other amazing things, Ivan Allen who makes fantastic objects out of cardboard and Emily Wilkinson from Raven Studios.

I wanted to thank everyone from pARTicipate. You guys were so friendly and accommodating and really worked hard to get me set up. Thanks to everyone that stopped to say hello too, I met some great people that day.  

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