Monopoly Special:

This episode took over a week to put together even though it is really short!

I speak to Graham who is running the PR on Shrewsbury's very own version of Monopoly. I get to find out all about where is being considered, how much the dynamics will stay the same/differ from the regular classic board game as well as news on recent developments.

Thank you Graham for being super patient with me while me while we battled to get this interview together it was a real task in the end.

Thanks to local band I, Assassin for giving us some free tickets to your show in the week, I look forward to getting you on the show.

PHOTO CREDIT: Adam George check out his new Instagram @shropshire.light.explorers these guys are super talented.

Author Lisa Blower joins AL and Jodie on this week's episode. Author of It's Gone Dark Over Bill's Mother's (and owner of one of the most impressive C.V's I've ever seen) came in to talk to us about her story, about her work and what her influences are.

This is a fun episode and I'm pretty sure you will agree that Lisa is a pretty cool cat, with a lot of very helpful knowledge, especially if you are an aspiring writer.

Thank you Daniel Catt for letting me use this amazing aerial shot of the Dingle for this week's episode, It truly is a great shot.

AL, Jodie and Shane catch up after a couple of weeks away. AL tells his tale on how he came to become Mr Aqua-Fun which was decided as his only 15 minutes of fame.

The group discuss the amazing job that everyone did at the Yarn-Bombing in Castlefields (organised by LovelyLand), AL's rooftop tour of the Market-Hall in town, the up coming Beatles weekend in September and of course Shrewsbury landing its very own version of Monopoly!

This episode is so much fun, with many shout-outs to places and people from around Shrewsbury so dive in to this episode and enjoy a bit of time with your favourite local pod-people.


AL sits down and speak to Chrissy who is helping plan the Belle Vue Arts Festival. We have been dying to get our hands on this event and discuss it on the show. To be honest, this is a really delightful interview! We chat about this festival and what it means to get out into the community and getting people involved with a project like this.

If you weren't aware of the Arts Festival, we talked about a lot of the events that are taking place throughout the festival but you can find out everything you need to know on their official website

Thank you to everyone involved with this fantastic community event for their continued support, I hope that we can return the favour as a show.

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