AL speaks to a guy that has been voted UK's top Barber, the one, the only Dale Hince. We have been trying for AGES to try and get Dale on the show but his salon (in The Parade Shops) is that busy, its hard to get him to stand still for longer than 2 minutes. It only took a worldwide pandemic to get him to sit with us but boy do we make the most of it.

Dale has an amazing story. From Electrician to the UK's top barber we cover as much as it as possible. How do you become UK's best barber? What has this year been like with the floods and the pandemic. Remember when the world was dying for haircuts? Well now we get to hear what that was like from a barber's perspective.

"Dale is great and I'm so glad that I finally got to chat with him. I only stalked him for a year, it's no biggie. Loved chatting to you sir, welcome on anytime!"

PHOTO CREDIT: Thank you to Emma Lenthall for this great shot off Greyfriars Bridge. Love the colours!

AL sits with Pippa Lobban from Shrewsbury Food Hub. We discuss what is the difference between a Food bank and a food hub and what do they offer to the community. What is Christmas like at the food hub, how long does it take for things to get back to normal afterwards and how long does it take to loose the smell of parsnips?

The pandemic has brought along some interesting situations. How did the panic buying affect things? What happened to all of the volunteers and what can we expect this Christmas? All of this is important because raising awareness of The Food Hub and the good it does for the community could help many in the months to come.

Artwork Credit: Vicky Birch, beautiful shot from Attingham Park.

AL and Jules speak to Bev Armitt. This was the last show of the Open Studio sessions, all had cracked open a cold one and was even donning the sunglasses. Jules introduces us to Bev who is the owner of Bevy's Fur Babies. A business that provides many, many services for your pet. You need your dog walking? no problem. You need to buy something from the online pet store? sure! You need a pet taxi service because you're shielding? Well why didn't you say!

During this episode we talk about the modern day perception of pets, the trials and tribulations of a dog walker and how has the pandemic effected things for Bev and her clients?

Bev was awesome and so was Jules. You see this was a show about pet care and Jules is a professional dog walker, so we get to see her take centre stage and talk about her passion. Oh, by the way, the reason I am writing like a vacuum salesman, is because during this episode I came up with an idea that's worth millions. If you're interested in investing a couple mil into it let me know! - AL

Jules and Shane speak to David Palmer. If you have learned how to ride a motorcycle or learned how to drive an LGV in Shrewsbury, you will most likely know who David is! 

David is from Fast Trak, a company that has huge amounts of experience when is comes to training others road safety. In fact discussed in this episode is how David's experience is somewhat unappreciated by the young whipper-snappers of today. But he's been there, he's seen it and he has the ancient highway code books to prove it!

"I sat in on the interview and let Jules and Shane do their thing. It was great to sit back and watch the show unfurl, especially as Shane got to talk about vehicles for a change. David is a great guy and it was great getting to chat with him!"

AL and Shane speak to poet Beth Abbott who has used her abilities to help herself and others fight addiction. We discuss the journey that Beth has been on, the powers that lie in the words that she writes, where she gets her inspiration, how she has flipped her cards and is now able to help others in their journey. Not only that but Beth has created her own business out of this, way to go Beth!

"My philosophy is that everyone has a story to tell and it's true. There is something beautiful about somebody who can overcome the challenges that Beth has faced and still have enough in the tank to help others. Thank you for coming on Beth, it was worth the wait!" - AL

Thomas Perring has got a taste for the mic and has returned since his last visit to The Biscuit, which is what we love to see at our Open Studio Sessions. AL and Shane chat with Thomas about his passion for music and his desire to put together an exhibition celebrating The Beatles in Shrewsbury.

The Beatles have not only played in Shrewsbury more than once, but wrote a song on there way to the town. Thomas is absolutely determined to not let the towns link with the Fab Four be forgotten.

Also discussed is music in general, how inspirations change over generations and what we would like, or not like our kids to be inspired by!

Local author and DJ Kevin Horak joins AL and Jules on the Biscuit for a catch-up. Last time Kevin came on the show Jules just couldn't help herself with her potty mouthed tirade. Mainly because Kevin has a series of books out with a swear in the title, AL comes up with an ingenious way of making sure it doesn't happen again.

The last time Kevin was on the show he had just released his brilliant Shrewsbury based book Mildred The Crazy Cat Lady. We find out how things have gone since release of the book. Health issues and the pandemic have not helped at all as there was so much planned throughout this year that could not happen. However there may be some exciting developments happening behind the scenes and a second version of the book is currently being worked on, fingers crossed for you Kevin!

If you are looking for a great Shrewsbury themed gift for Christmas "Mildred The Crazy Cat Lady" would be perfect!

Kelda Wood came on the show a few weeks ago to talk about her story and where her charity "Climbing Out" came from. This Open Studio session was an opportunity for us to hear from participants of Climbing Out about their experiences. AL and Shane speak to Kelda and 2 people that were a part of a Climbing Out course, Zoe and Graeme.

Just exactly what was it about the course that Zoe and Graeme found helpful, what challenges were faced and were there life-long lessons that were learned from it?

"I love that we have had the opportunity to look at Climbing Out from a different perspective and all being well we might be able to look even deeper by taking part in some activities. This excites me because being able to illustrate a charity that could be helpful to so many people would be a brilliant use of The Biscuit. I like Kelda she's a good egg :)" 

Joining AL and Deedee is Luke Allen. Having been on The Biscuit before we already know and appreciate that aspiring film maker Luke is a sterling example of what the next generation has to bring us.

Luke has a podcast called "2 Minutes About Time" About the movie "About Time" (a film created by Richard Curtis) Luke's podcast covers the film literally minute by minute.

This podcast has caused quite a bit of noise, guests including Derren Brown, Richard Cutis himself and even generating content that caught the attention of Sir Elton John. Luke's ability to create magic really is something to be in awe of!

"Luke is 16 sixteeeeen! And he is so talented that I am in no doubt that he is going to go on and achieve greatness. Always great talking to him!"

AL is joined by local hero Michael McCarthy. When Michael was young he was in a terrible accident which changed his life forever. Michael had to learn to walk again through gritted teeth and shear bravery. While some people may have given up Michael has lived his life with a purpose. Mountain climbing in Kenya, running The Great North Run twice, The London Marathon, winning Olympic gold medals, writing children's books and cycling double figure distances everyday, all while raising money for charity are reasons why my guest is as heroic as they come.

"What a lovely guy Michael is, surrounded by a fantastically supportive family too. After I recorded this episode I had to gather my thoughts because Michael just blew my mind, actually leaving me feeling emotional. I'm a huge fan Michael!"

AL sits down with Vince Dovey from Shropshire ITC. This is Vince's second time on the show if you include the episode that never made it to the channel (more info on that in this episode!)

We discuss the great things that Vince has been working on to help local pubs, traders and churches in the community throughout the pandemic. The ethics and thoughts behind offering a great idea for next to nothing to help others, whilst still having to put food on the table. Why do something like this? And are there benefits in the long run?

We also talk about pre-Covid regrets. Featuring discussion about Spike from Buffy and the desire to get one more football game in with a loved one. plus much, much more.

"This is a great discussion with a guy who has his community at the forefront of everything he does. I always enjoy chatting to Vince, I'm just so happy to be able to share this one with you all this time! Welcome on again any time sir! - AL


After his day of exploring Hawkstone Park & Follies with his family, AL sits down with park manager Howard Fox.

We discuss the year that the park has had and what plans they have for next year. What goes on while the park is closed? And what exactly have they told Santa to expect when he visits this year?

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