AL is coming to you from the D4Drivers offices in Battlefield. He is speaking to Perpetuum Motorsport owner Andy Wheals and his teammate Lee Morgan. These guys are definitely living in the fast lane, Perpetuum Motorsport is a Shrewsbury based F1000 racing team. They have recently come away from Silverstone with a lap record, 2 wins and 2 trophies. 

AL talks the guys through a race weekend, from putting a car together, the night before, right up to the lights and then of course the podium. Which Lee is seeing a lot of lately. Also discussed why Andy does this and how the team has grown and had plans to continue growing.

AL brings in Ryan (not Bryan!) from D4Drivers to talk about how the partnership between a team and main sponsor works. Ryan tells us who D4Drivers are and what they offer.

AL speaks to Charika Manning who is the creative mastermind behind Charika Creations in The Market Hall, Shrewsbury. We find out about Charika's passion for making stunning creations with fabric and where the love for this trade comes from. Charika sees what she does as a hobby and a business which creates the question, how is it, doing something you adore for work?
Charika has many years under her belt as a Nurse too and we spend a bit of time talking about the time she dedicated to saving lives for a living. 

This episode comes to you from Petit-Glou at the top of the Market Hall, there was hustle and bustle and everything you'd expect from a busy market during the day. I love the ambiance, however it made for much harder work with the editing so this one is coming to you a little late, so apologies Charika, I hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for speak to me - AL

Shane is joined by Alex Yousefi and Luke Allen ft Special Guest and Production Manager Hannah Wright, We talk about everything from First Cinema trip since Lockdown, What exactly does a Production Manager do?, How Hannah Stumbled across Reduced to Clear, to the amazing work Hannah does in her Day Job. Of course, never a Reduced to Clear: Biscuits episode without an Improve Session. 

Fun packed, laughter and informative episode. Have a listen!

Coming to you from a sunny garden in Belle Vue. AL is speaking to Chrissy Bridge who is one of the organisers for the Belle Vue Arts Festival.
Last year was difficult for many and the BVAF was no different. However a move to a virtual setting was implemented and this fantastic event that was started in 2003 survived, thanks to the hard work of the organisers.

This year though, the BVAF is back, in a big bad way. With events set across Belle Vue and even the Reabrook there is so, so much to look forward to. With the return of the Open Garden Trail, an offer of live music and craft workshops, tree trails and Reabrook tours, how could you not be excited?

This is an event that has the true meaning of community behind it and Chrissy explains everything to (a sleep deprived) AL.

Please go to to find out everything you need to know about the amazing, Belle Vue Arts Festival.

Coming to you from outside The Royal Hill Pub in Edgerely on a bright, sunny day, AL is speaking to Colonel Mark Cuthbert-Brown CBE who is the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire.

AL spends a bit of time getting to know Mark and learn about his career in the Army while finding out what his role is as Vice Lord-Lieutenant. One of Mark's roles is to help oversee the Queen's Award For Voluntary Service. A prestigious award that only goes to the best charities, C.I.C's and organisations that offer exemplary voluntary services to their community.

In a Biscuit Exclusive, Mark reveals who the winners are of this amazing award, tells AL a little bit about them and we find out what this award means. In regards to the winner, a badge of honour, something to display with pride, that only the best have achieved. To everyone that won, congratulations!!

At the end we hear from Kelly who runs The Royal Hill Pub. From a 14 year old pot-washer to the boss. What an amazing achievement and what an amazing place too. Make sure you check it out! 

What was supposed to be a collection of shows for an Open Studio Sessions turned out to be 2 great conversations. Set in the new Petit Glou bar upstairs, in the always vibrant Market Hall Shrewsbury. AL speaks to Robin, owner of Glou Glou, Iron & Rose and of course Petit Glou. But not before he speaks to Luke Allen, younger co-director of the upcoming Reduced To Clear film.

Luke finally meets AL for the first time in person, even though they have been creating content together for over a year.

Robin tells us about the challenges faced during lockdown and his inspirations behind his drive to keep adapting and adding to his many expertise. 

Shane, Alex Yousefi and Luke Allen are joined by one of the most prolific background actresses in the world, Ninette Finch.
Yes, if you've watched TV, like, ever, you will have most likely seen Ninette at some point.

This episode explores Ninette's fantastic career and we find out how many times she had died, her favourite genres to work on and how sweet Ricky Gervais was with her on the set of Derek.

The guys have some improv fun at the end and....there's a murderrrrr. Who dies? find out right here!  

AL comes to you from the back of The Monkmoor pub, where something really cool has been happening. There is a patch of land behind there that has been transformed into a wonderful Street Allotment Project by Casper Macindoe.

Casper only taught himself how to creatively put together an allotment and successfully grow plant back in February this year. He thought he'd reach out to the community for donations and boy did the donations come! Water butts, wood-chip, plants pots, seeds and even bees! have all been given to Casper to work his magic.

We find out though...why? Why did Casper start doing this and how did he learn all of this, what have the challenges and successes of this story been so far?

PIC CREDIT: Phill Morris - AL and Casper inspect the damage that the wind had done to Casper's handy work.

A few weeks ago AL recorded an interview with Rob Hughes, founder and MD of Reech Media. This episode was ruined by a technical mishap and was unusable. However, we now bring you a better, re-recorded version of the interview from Reech HQ situated in Shrewsbury Business Park.

AL sits down with Rob and Creative Director, Dena Evans to discuss where this all began. Starting from a box room, Reech went on to grow into one of Shropshire's most recognisable brands and well respected companies. The ever growing, ever adapting company offers other companies the tools they need to stand out. Websites, branding, social media content, graphic design and much more are on offer here.

But where and how did this all begin? What does the day to day look like at Reech? And what goes into selling an idea? - Find out here in the great episode.

From wine salesman to acting on "The Crown" - Shane, Luke and Alex Yousefi take some time to learn about their guest Edward Tidy's journey. 

Ed is one of the cast members that will be taking part in Luke and Alex's project "Reduced To Clear"

Appalling network issues do not dampen the spirits throughout this episode. What did you think of Paddington 2?

Coming to you from the Sabrina Boat as she cruises up and down the Severn, AL speaks to owner Dilwyn Jones.
As they sit comfortably, drinking great coffee AL and Dilwyn talk about where the Sabrina Boat came from? What work had to be done to make her look as good as she does now? And what it's like to work with what is considered to be a true moving Shrewsbury landmark?

This is such a stunning episode. The Sun was out, The Quarry was in bloom and there is a really relaxed vibe throughout this. Even as the guys pass the tree surgeons that were working in Greyfriars. 

"Honestly thank you so much for this experience Dilwyn, you are a real champion of Shrewsbury and your support is extremely heartfelt" - AL

A couple of weeks ago AL interviewed Ed Ryder and Sean Horgan from the stunning short film, "Country Lines" However, AL forgot to turn his mic on!

SO...Here we are with the second attempt at making this interview. AL and Shane are joined by Ed and Sean to discuss what went into make this film, what the influences were and the important ingredients to make a good mocumentary.

Internet gremlins tried their best to thwart this episode, but the fun flowing banter throughout makes this a very fun episode. Make sure you visit to a. watch Country Lines and b. keep up to date with everything Ed is working on.

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