Joining AL and Deedee is one of Shropshire's most beloved poets Jean Atkin. We find out all about Jean's career and how she became the writer that she is known as today. We find out about the different types of poems and what kind of things influence Jean to write. We ask "what effect has the pandemic had on the creative folks out there?"

Jean has written many books and she had a new one out which we discuss, along with her work with "Arts Alive" which we elaborate about.

I have written a poem for Jean to critique, Jean has written a Biscuit poem too, so buckle yourselves in for poetry filled mystique....I'll see myself out - AL

AL speaks with Anna Morton Marshall, a well respected beautician from Shrewsbury. Anna is opening The House of Beauty in Frankwell very soon and we discuss what will be available when it is open.

I think it would be easier to tell you what they won't be doing at The House of Beauty because there is so much that they will be offering. Anna explains to AL the treatments on offer plus what makes her new place stand out from the rest. It seems that The House of beauty is going to be a completely relaxing experience that offers treatments of high quality. Not just for the girls either, there is a lot on offer for the guys too so make sure you check it out!

AL and Max chat with James Finney a brilliant podcaster who hosts "Father Finney's The Best A Man Can Get"

A show designed to include those that may find themselves in what some would call a mid-life crisis.

We discuss James' journey into podcasting and what it all means to him. AL runs James through "The Gauntlet" to test his skills.

One of the most important aspects to building something like the show that James has put together, is community and we talk about the lessons he has learned and how much he is enjoying it.

Photo credit: Mo Pullen, a distant shot of the Sabrina Boat doing it's thing.

This is a fun episode and James is great at what he does and despite the fun nature of his show there is a beautiful notion behind it - AL

In what is almost certainly one of the best interviews we've ever had on The Biscuit, AL & Max speak to Phill Gittins.

Phill is work with The Marches School in Oswestry trying to build a new generation of peace builders, in a project that is absolutely needed in todays societal climate. But first we have to ask the important questions.

What is Peace? How do we deal with conflict? How do we bring people out of their bubble? and who do we all consider to be our own peace building role model?

This interview was so fascinating, I didn't want it to end. We could talk about this subject for hours. But we got the best we could during this hour-ish long episode. I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this episode and whether it helped them or not - AL

AL joins the team that were in their final few hours of digging at Shrewsbury Castle. With only 4 hours to go, there was a real passion in the air to get as much done as possible so we keep this one short and sweet.

AL speaks the always brilliant Nigel Baker to find out what progress was made since the last time we spoke to him. What clues they have found that paints a picture of what life at Shrewsbury Castle was like historically? Items found that wouldn't raise an eyebrow to the average Joe, have really helped illustrate the lifestyles lived back then.

AL also speaks to the team from University Centre Shrewsbury. Dr Morn Capper tells us about how proud/relieved she is to be out, working on this project, as the pandemic could have made things a lot worse. Ryan talks us through his day sat on a mound of mud, sieving through buckets of dirt for those little finds. We also have a nice message for a member of the team at the end there.

I say this is a conclusion to the Shrewsbury Castle Dig Saga, but Nigel told me that there is a lot of work to be done still to piece all of this together. There is an open invite for the team to come in and talk to us about what they have found - AL


Birgitta Zoutman is back on the Biscuit! Only this time there's not electrical buzz throughout the episode as this is coming to you from the studio.

We discuss the great things that Birgitta was up to during lock-down and how they have enabled her to open a brand new studio in The Parade Shopping Centre.

We get into a very passionate discussion about mental, how things need to change and what Birgitta is doing to try and help. We also embrace the fact that Xmas is coming, Birgitta has plans to put something quite beautiful together.

Make sure you check out Birgitta's website to find out more about her and the great work that she does -

It's time to get sophisticated as AL speaks to Abigail Molenaar a specialist in modern and contemporary art, and Maryanne Lineker-Mobberley a specialist in silver and jewellery. They are both on the show to talk about Halls. One of the oldest companies in Shropshire, who are celebrating their 175th Birthday this year.

Abigail and Maryanne discuss the Autumn Auction which is coming up on the 16th September. (in just 2 days) They talk about some of the items that are to be included in the auction. A lot which is causing a lot of noise is a piece that is signed by Picasso himself, with thorough investigation, this has been verified by Abigail, which we discuss.

In what was designed as an introduction between The Biscuit and Halls turned out to be AL taking a look into the lives of 2 specialists who share a huge amount of passion for what they do. These guys really know their stuff and I was left speechless at times with the knowledge that Abigail and Maryanne had to share. Great guests!  - AL

Go to the Halls website and check out the auction which will be available to watch live -

AL and Jules speak to Harriet Mills from Shropshire Event Nannies....not Shropshire Floats!

Destiny put this show together in a bizarre twist of faith but we are so glad this happened. Harriet is full of charisma and positive energies I think everyone can take something from this interview. Harriet is the founder of Shropshire Event Nannies and we discuss, what things were like for them when they first started, what they have to offer and how they have adapted throughout the Pandemic.

We also discuss 2021 which will undoubtedly be the busiest year in the history of years. Everyone is going to want to get married, create huge festivals and party hard. This is where Harriet comes in make sure you check out her website for information about what it is they do....after listening to this of course :) - AL

September 9, 2020

Crumbs: Fit Box

As you are walking up to Greyfriars Bridge you will notice a nice, new, sleek looking business on your left. This is Fit Box, a new place to eat in Coleham.

AL and Shane are at Fit Box, for the soft launch to take a look.

A healthy selection of proteins, carbs and vegetables are on offer, which can be served quickly on your way into or out of town.

We speak to co owner Rachel, chef Tom and server Dom to get an idea of the challenges faced on the build up to the launch, the excitement of opening this fantastic new independent business and what is on offer.

AL and Max are at the Shrewsbury Castle Dig (as promised) Listen in as the guys are literally stood at the side of the trench that was being dug inside the inner bailey.

They speak to Nigel Baker about how the dig is going and what they have found so far. He tells them about a find that was truly unexpected!

Max speaks to the guys in the wash tent where they were cleaning up all of the finds, AL speaks to a couple of girls from University Centre Shrewsbury who were at their first ever dig. Finishing off, the guys speak to Tim, an archaeologist that worked on the dig last year at Shrewsbury Castle.

Join AL, Shane and Deedee as they enjoy catching up. Talking about their recent adventures and lessons learned from the new experiences they have encountered together.

AL decides to run Dee through 'The Gauntlet' to test her whits behind a mic, which is...well hilarious!

Tonight Matthew, Shane is going to be....Karl Pilkington apparently and we send yet another message to Greg Davies. He will hear us one day!

This episode is a whole lot of fun!

Follow us backstage as we get interviews during the Shropshire Virtual Show. This was such a unique event, it was only natural that we wanted to document the goings-on on the build up to the live music climax. We speak to a member of The Endings, Jake Nelson and of course the Dirty Rockin' Scoundrels. We catch up with organisers Danny and Anna, some representatives of the charities and a good bit of Biscuit Banter in the middle.

We were super proud to be a part of this fantastic event and it has gone on to raise over £20,000 for 5 Shropshire charities. Well done to everyone involved and yes Shane that means you, keep your shirt on! - AL

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